It’s been a while!

First and foremost- I apologize for the long gap between posts, as I have been struggling with the whole job search on top of the weight loss journey and school. This is just a little update/filler-

As a general update, I have continued to lose, though this week has been slower than normal due to weight lifting also. I have started doing light weight lifting which leads to muscle gain, and I have had to remember that muscle will burn more fat and I just have to keep pushing. I have been taking photos as I go to make sure I have reference points, which has significantly helped. This journey truly has been a mind fuck and is not for the feint of heart.

I am officially 3 months post op on the 21st. Since surgery, I have lost 40.8 pounds and a total of 62.8 since September 2018. I am so proud of my progress so far, and only have 62 pounds left to get to my actual “goal” weight. To be honest though, my “goal” is to be healthy and feel good, so that number may change, but it feel attainable. This last couple of pounds to get under 200 have been the hardest ones to lose. I am going to get back to the gym today and probably start back with more cardio… or maybe lift first then cardio rather than the other way around (open to suggestions on best methods for weight loss).

I plan to share some of topics I had originally mentioned soon, I just had to clear my head first. If there are any specific topics y’all are wondering about, feel free to suggest them!

WLS is an amazing tool, but it is just that, a tool. I am going to work hard to make sure my tool is doing the best that it possibly can.


Sophia Carolina

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