What to Expect From me

Well hello all of you who have viewed this site and followed my blog! I was truly surprised by the out-pour of support I received upon announcing that I followed through with VSG. I honestly did not expect that, and it means so much to me.

I want to do my best to post regularly on here and provide updates on my progress, eating habits, exercise etc., but I also want this to be a way to communicate with others and help anyone looking into the surgery to understand what it truly is and what it entails. I have noticed in speaking with others that are having, have had, or want to have bariatric surgery, that not all surgeons or processes are the same. Please remember the obvious, I am not a doctor or trained nutritionist. The things I state in my blog are based SOLELY on my own experience unless specifically stated/sourced. Please be sure to discuss your options with your primary care doctor.

Things to look for in the coming posts:

  • Kaiser’s process and length of time it took from initiating the referral to actual surgery date.
  • Real expectations for VSG
  • Food pre and post surgery and what the first 6-8 weeks post surgery really look like for a bariatric patient
  • Exercise before and after surgery- when can you work out again and what can you do?
  • Vitamins/Suppliments post-op and what it looks like for life
  • Favorite post-op protein sources and foods/snacks and reviews on said products (like QUEST bars which are my damn life now!)
  • Common misconceptions of bariatric surgery
  • Dedicated posts to progress with photos – ongoing. I also plan to have a photos section
  • General life updates

Please feel free to comment what you want to see on here or on my Instagram! I am very excited to get this started and get to know everyone and I want to cover requested topics also!


Sophia Carolina

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