Hello everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! I have decided to create this in order to better document the changes I have made, and continue to make, outside of just Instagram. Recently, I found myself unemployed and in a pretty low rut with still not having had luck finding a new job in the last month. This caused me to be less than thrilled with life in general due to the stress.

Today, I had an epiphany… I have made so many life changes this last year and taken care of my health that I have more things to be proud of and need to get them out in the world. I have always been proud of my ability to be an open book with people. From everything from, general life decisions to my mental and overall health, but for some reason I kept a major change secret longer than I had originally planned.

This blog has been created to allow me to get my thoughts out and share with those who are either going through the same situations or just want to be nosy in my life. Whichever you are, enjoy!

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