About Me

My name is Sophia Carolina and this is my blog! I know that is a super exciting introduction, but I am not a super exciting individual. This blog is going to be documenting everything about my weight loss and adventure to a healthy life while also just talking about EVERYTHING! To better understand the mess that this will be, I should probably tell you a bit about me!

I am currently 27 years old and live in Southern California with my amazing husband and our 2 dogs. We recently purchased/built our first home in the middle of the Mojave Desert and love our home and the landscape around us (header photo does not belong to me, but is of our lovely city’s landscape) . In my free time I enjoy doing beauty and FX makeup online and spending time with my husband.

I have dealt with being overweight my entire life, and was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2009/2010, but until February of 2018, I did not fully take it seriously for more than a few months. As mentioned, I have struggled with eating disorders (EDNOS- Eating disorders not otherwise specified), mental illness and reproductive system issues since high school and have seen a number of doctors as well as a couple therapists to better understand it all. This blog will be my way of dealing with the struggles I have with those as well as document why I chose to have bariatric surgery in January of 2019, and why I think that has helped to not only save my life, but to give me a much happier one in the long run.

I hope this mess is enjoyable for you and that you all reach out with any questions you have! Feel free to find me on Instagram as well if you are interested in either my makeup page, TerrorandTemptation or my weight loss journey PlusSizetoPintSize.